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Gemstim TENS Machine
NZ $163.30
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Gemstim TENS Machine

This low-cost TENS Machines units provide an excellent drug-free solution to pain relief.  This is a dual-channel unit intended for active treatment applications, and comes complete with everything you need to get going:
  • 4 pre-wire reusable self-adhesive electrodes
  • 9-volt battery
  • Leads
  • Instruction manual
  • Belt clip
  • Compact carry case

Product Testimonial from Allied Medical ASAP customer:
I am amazed to find that after many years of visits to medical professionals and pain service teams, I have found relief from neuropathic pain in my leg. This pain was experienced at least twice a day, every day.  

Only recently a member of a pain team mentioned “TENS” in passing. I told them I had not heard of it in the six or so years of daily, agonising and depressing, draining pain of the 10/10 sort. But I said I would be happy to try TENS although I did not actually know what it was!  

Within a few days I ordered my own Gem Stim TENS Machine from Allied Medical. It arrived early the next day by courier!  

Now this ‘TENS’ machine is not much bigger than a cell phone. When I first tried it out when the pain struck;
-    On went the four electrode pads on the back of my thigh
-    In went the small battery.  
-    On went the two little switches, clockwise.  
-    A not unpleasant, sort of feathery electric buzz came through.  

Unbelievably some three or four minutes later the pain had disappeared, completely! I switched both sides off just to check. Yes! The pain had finally gone. And although the episodes still occur regularly each day, the pain is easily controlled by the Gem Stim TENS Machine. No more exhausting pain. No need to stay home at the times I expected pain to set in for at least 30 minutes at a time.

It is truly amazing to have relief and I am indeed appreciative. I now have my own Gem Stim TENS Machine, which is a great relief.  Thank you, Allied Medical for the ‘TENS’, it is what I call truly miraculous and has changed my life.

Marguerite, Bay of Islands.

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